Remember that a government big enough to give you everything you want is also big enough to take away everything you have. ~Davy Crockett

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Uk Election 2005

I thought I'd want the conservatives to win (and I would prefer them over blair and the new labour) but I have to admit of them all my favorite is the Liberal democrats
Reason has a great article on them

Blair will probably win though he will be as many are saying weakend politically however the liberal dems are seeing an upsurge perhaps they will do even better next time? Either way I'm rooting for them!

You know you've lived in Idaho to long when...

I've lived here awhile nearly 10 years now so I came up with these:

*"Democrats are like salmon- on the endangered species list"
*" You leave your car keys in your car and the next day they're still there"
*Every other vehicle is a 4x4 (with the exception of boise)
*The elevation exceeds the population (idaho city anyone? Silver city? Minan?)
*yellow light means follow the car in front of you no matter what
*you've golfed where the hazards include wagon wheel ruts from the oregon trail

What kind of american English do you speak?

I am 80% general american english
15% yankee
5% upper midwestern

What's yours?

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Twinkies at 75!

Forget the food fascists! I love twinkies! Happy 75th. And wow a wedding cake!? bannana cream filling? Bring it back! I like the strawberry ones to-tiger tails I believe they're called.

Some good reading on food fascism

Bush's SS plan

Finally comes out! We get benefit cuts and increased payroll taxes so no one will retire into poverty. "Because no one who works hard should retire into poverty" but in order to do so others will be robbed of their hard earned money to pay into the system. Its welfare thats what he is proposing which is what SS has always been all along. I myself want nothing to do with the program- I don't want to draw from it nor pay into it. My great grandfather didn't he worked till the day he died. I'd rather do the same. or save. Whatever happened to private property? Why can't we save on our own? Why doesn't bush's plan have a third choice besides the two now available? We have these two: stay in current system, go into "private system" but where is the "go into neither system" option!? SS must be ended! And people must save for themselves. The republicans and democrats are treating grown adults and elderly as weak helpless dependent children !

The Minutemen Project

The governor of california has come out in support of them, congressman Tom Tancredo of colorado, a presidential hopeful supports them. The ACLU hates them and has worked hard to destroy their cause. The group has been accused of setting off 200 sensors causing trouble for border patrol- others accuse the ACLU of doing so to frame the minutemen. Then there is the fact some of the volunteers are armed. First off this is perfectly legal in arizona to be armed in public. There was only one case of abuse reported- a man held 7 illegals at gunpoint but it may have been in defense as they attempted to steal his vehicle. Then their are conflicting reports on how much help the volunteers were exactly. I honestly don't know what to think. I only hope it will get the people of this country and our government to do something about this problem- and the right thing. NOt a National ID card and not a closing of the border. This is not an invasion or if it is its a peaceful one. We need to make it easier for people to get here legally and keep the crooks out while not abusing our civil liberties via national ID. Easy? No, but it can and should be done. Open borders or closed borders? I say neither but we should lean in favor of fairly open ones.

More airport security insanity

Monday, May 02, 2005

You may remember (hopefully you do!) awhile back a girl (and her friend) were arrested and imprisoned in New York for allegedly planning to commit suicide/homicide via bombing. They are still in jail despite the fact the government has not proven them guilty of anything other than mentioning suicide bombing in a home school essay. Add this along with the male teen busted for writing an essay about zombies taking over his school and you have some serious concerns for we teenagers of america. There has been as Ted Rall points out no outcry and the story has deadened which is most unfortunate that is why I bring it up again and ask that you all join me in doing something about it. Mr Rall's article can be seen here, I point out I don't always agree with Mr Rall I do on this.